Monday, February 04, 2008

These pieces stem from my incurable fascination with the act of weaving. It was something I remember doing all the time when I was little. I would cut up anything I could and create something else, something new by combining the cuts. Before I traveled to Mexico I created some photographs that combined imagery. This was a technique I was using to illustrate the idea of two images becoming one. While in Mexico I became friends with a woman who made tortillas and woven rugs for men to take out to the fields when they went to work. She was amazing and had a spirit that radiated pride. She had hands that were beautiful. They showed the signs of age and of all the mats she has woven over the years. She took time to show me her skill and teach me in a patient way how to do it. She gave me gifts when I left, some hats and some material to practice with.
I took what she taught me to heart and I created a piece combining photography and raffia. The intricately woven piece demonstrates the combining of worlds and of thoughts. The combination of culture.