Sunday, February 03, 2008

Artist Statement

A cultural convergence is happening between Mexico and America. The combination of traditions and language is evident in every town from north to south. Weaving of culture and ideas is a way of visualizing the notion of transculturalism, the movement of culture over borders and over time. The origins of Mexican migrant customs in America lie in agriculture and manifest in the social and physical landscape of both nations. The resulting hybridity of cultures creates an intricate, woven layer in my mind.
I live in a community where the nearest grocery store is a Mexican Super-Mart. There is a taqueria on the corner of my block and the landscapers who mow my lawn are all from Morelia, Mexico. I have become an observer and participant of this weave of people and ideas resulting in a fluidity and resilience of cultural meaning that becomes imprinted on society through migratory immigrants from Mexico.
This series of work incorporates photographic and video imagery that represents social movement, exchange, migration and the subtle scenes of life weaving in and out of our consciousness. These images reveal the emerging cultural impacts of migrant workers in American and Mexican societies whileconsidering nationalism, territories, and belonging. It is a documentation of those who are changing American life influenced by the ideas of transculturalism and transnationalism that exist in the American and Mexican landscape.