Thursday, January 31, 2008

This photo is particularly interesting. I was stopping for gas on the side of the road outside of a small puebla near the state of Michoacan. There I noticed these large slabs of bricks. When I approached them and read what was written on the palettes, I was surprised to see that these bricks were shipped from Heath, Ohio. We have a large clay deposite in that part of the state therefore Ohio is a large producers of bricks. How interesting that the bricks being used in the construction of the new structure above are from Ohio. It represents the argument that the money that migrant workers make in the United States and send back to Mexico (remittances) seems to find itself being spent on U.S. goods or services. This phenomena is partly due to the economy becoming increasingly globalized, and partly due to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).
NAFTA has opened up the Mexican economy to become bombarbed with cheap American products including bricks, rice and corn. With prices far below market value in Mexico, these are the goods that the people then choose to purchase. In return, there is a loss of industry and jobs. Requiring an increased migration north and into the U.S.