Thursday, January 31, 2008

This is the family of Eduardo. He lives in a very small town outside of Tlaxcala in the state of Mexico City, D.F. He was a migrant worker who worked in the agricultural industry of Ohio and other states. He moved back to Mexico to be closer to his extended family. He owns a greenhouse and is working on setting up a bigger one with a friend of his. He learned about greenhouses while working with famers and other migrant workers in the U.S. It was a struggle for Eduardo to make it to the U.S. at first. He had to hire a coyote, swim the Rio Grande and survive a 5 day trek through the desert. Once he was working he made enough money to send back to his wife so that he could construct the greenhouse he has now. He also opened a store that sells paper and other school supplies. His wife runs this business. The family is pictured in front of this business.