Thursday, January 31, 2008

These photos represent a large segment of the varied Mexican landscape. This field of corn on the outskirts of San Miguel Aquamente is struggling, as Efrain, a soil scientist at the local univeristy pointed out. He points to the untamed land and picks up large rocks to demonstrate the condition of this field. It has been extemely neglected and will produce very little corn this year. The reason is that in San Miguel Aquamente, a town with population 1600, nearly half the population (around 800 people) leave every year to go to the U.S. Therefore, the young, able-bodied men are all working in the U.S. and are not there to toil in the fields. This leaves San Miguel Aquamente in a situation that most small pueblas in Mexico are facing currently. The local agriculutral industry is fading away because there is no one left in the towns to work in the fields to make a successful crop. However, due to the failure to produce crops, there are no jobs available in agriculture for the young men to even find work. This cycle continuously perpetuates itself in small towns in every state in Mexico.